Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Animal Cruelty : Salvador Dali.

From the famous picture : Dali Atomius, Philippe Halsman 1948. Here is a serie of shots during the studiosession. The idea of the picture is to create a methaphysical and surrealstic shot by shooting floating items as a way of creativity for the artist Salvador Dali. To compose a shot like this, three of picturial elements has to be "flying" : Salvador Dali himself, water, and ...cats. On the last one you can even see 3 of this poor animals. Imagine some studiocrew with some cats in their hands waiting for the signal to throw them in the air. Maybe these cats where drugged to death, you can throw them once, maybe twice, but the third time this animal will become wild as hell, and probably these cats were soaked aswell. Poor cat or poor studiocrew...


  1. I was reading this and imagining someone even trying to do this with my cat (o;

  2. You are making a very dangerously assumption where u state "Maybe these cats where drug to death..." If u are going to write about something investigate and use facts not assumptions. And by the way Learn the difference between where and were

    1. Are you menstruating or something...? the way you make grammatical mistakes too!